Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Angel Face

Wren had her first role in a special wedding last weekend. She shared the honor of being a flower girl with her cousin who is just about the same age. The girls were so precious and took their jobs so seriously. Pictures from the day tell the whole story of how the girls felt like little Princesses in their twirly dresses. Wren's favorite book of the summer is Angel Face by Sarah Weeks and David Diaz. I couldn't help but think of this story as I gazed upon this sweet face throughout the day.

"Angel's eyes are dusty almonds,
Angel's mouth's a mango sliver,
Angel's skin is steeping tea,
Angel's hair's a rushing river.
You would know it any place...
my Angel's Face."

1 comment:

mama bear said...

Sweet Little Angel Face - our Wren. And, more importantly, as beautiful inside as out.....