Monday, January 19, 2009

Alphabet Meme

Recently I have been in touch with an old friend whom I hadn't spoken to in over twenty years.
Oddly enough, it seems like I just saw him yesterday. A lot has happened to the two of us over the years, and I hadn't had an opportunity to meet my friend's wife. She keeps a blog, and from what I have learned about her thus far, she seems like a blast and just the kind of person you would want to be around. My new friend participated in the Alphabet Meme and it looked like fun so I decided to join in. I'm always grateful to have the opportunity to sit back and ponder the things I am thankful for. She gave me the letter "P" and here is my list.

Number One: Parents
They are my rock, my foundation, my best friends. Now that we live so many states apart, their absence in my day to day life, at least physically, is profound. We talk most everyday and I still learn something new from them on a daily basis.

Number Two: Peonies
Heavenly fragrant and abundant in my garden, there is no other sensory experience that I can think of more grand. Mine open every Mother's Day like clockwork and the colors never fail to blow me away.

Number Three: Puppies
What would life be without the joy of a litter of puppies? Our dog, Perry, was just a tiny Labrador Vizsla baby when we brought him home two years ago. His boundless energy and affection adds so much to our lives.

Number Four: Petit Four Pastries
A plate of Petit Fours and a pot of tea can't be beat to enliven one's day. Gather round some good friends and the day is made much brighter. Their pretty little decorations, and smooth as silk layers just are another reason I am so glad that we have taste buds.

Number Five: Prayer
In all countries and walks of life, we humans offer up our heartfelt prayers for those we love and cherish in our lives. Prayers never go unanswered, though sometimes we don't always like the answers we receive. The power of a group of people asking for good in your life, or in someone else's, is a powerful force indeed.

Number Six: Patagonia
Unsurpassed in beauty and wildness, Patagonia may be one of Earth's greatest gifts to mankind. The efforts to preserve and protect wild places in this region is enormous, and those efforts are being realized with one of the world's largest National Park systems anywhere. Home to the Torres del Paine, Right Whales, and the Fitzroy's it truly is a treasure.

Number Seven: Pumpkins
I look forward to the pumpkin patch in Fall perhaps best of all the seasonal delights. To bake with, to carve, to simply look at their funny shapes and feel their unique textures, pumpkins are an earthly delight.

Number Eight: Pooh Bear
Thank heavens for A. A. Milne and his creation of Winnie the Pooh. (and Piglet!) The Winnie the Pooh series is our best loved books to read with the children, and they were my favorite as a child too. The world always seems a brighter more friendly place after visiting the Hundred Acre Wood.

Number Nine: Patchwork
Without patchwork, quilts just wouldn't be the same now would they? Whether completed by one person, or many as part of a quilting bee, the patches that make up a quilt are quite amazing to behold. Even better to experience when enfolded in one in front of a blazing fire.

Number Ten: Park City
My favorite spot on the United States map. Park City has it all. Beautiful seasons, mountains, lakes, unlimited outdoor activities, and a host of great artists and chefs. Many of my fondest memories in my life have taken place here in this little valley in the mountains.
If you wish to participate in this Alphabet Meme, just post a comment here and let me know. I'd love to read all about the things you cherish too. If you just wish to post a comment, you can do that too.
Thanks, Beth, for giving me an opportunity of reflection.

Credit to the follow sources for imagery:
Charles Harper's ABC Book
1) My parents on my wedding day
2) Peony from my garden
3) Puppies on
4) Petit Four pretend toys from Biofino
5) Prayer flags from
6) Patagonia image from
7) Pumpkin tower was created for the Country Living Fair 2007
8) Winnie the Pooh created by A. A. Milne
9) Log cabin quilt from
10) Park City image from


mom x 2 said...

Awesome "P" things!! I didn't realize who you were at first until I read your post! Thanks for playing :)

Have a great day!

mom x 2 said...

Hey there!

You've been tagged for another Meme

Way Down the Valley said...

Great pics. Seeing those sweet little puppies on there makes me want one.