Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Politically Correct or Spiritually Dying?

First let
me say
that I have
been lapse
in my blogs
the past months as I have been in a whirlwind of activity with family and friends celebrating this great Holiday Season.
For those of you who know me, the time of Thanksgiving to just after New Years holds a very special place in my heart. Family and friend tradition is always important to me, but even more so at this time of year. It's a time I reflect inward on those things that matter most in my life and it is a time I try to be most available to everyone around me. So while I did not blog often during this time, a lot was going on in my mind. Commercialism and the Holidays have always bothered me, but as of the past few years one thing is bothering me quite a bit more than the assault of advertising that is notorious this time of year. What I am noticing more and more is the lack of Christ in Christmas. Inside our home and hearts, Christ is our Christmas. I love decking the halls and giving gifts but this is all done in a manner of festivity that is still very much centered on the miracle of Jesus and his life story. I am not what you would call a right wing Christian- I'm probably not even considered middle of the road by other Christians. What I am, however, is completely in love with the story of the birth of Christ, His rise to Messenger, and the history of what civilization did and continues to do to His message. The notion of His Resurrection is profound, yes, but I find His message to humanity much more profound. What I cannot fathom is this: the absolute fear, or general apathy if it is not fear, of commercial entities to recognize Christ in Christmas. The last time I checked, the United States was well over eighty percent Christian. Dice that up any way you like, but it means that less than twenty percent of Americans do not Believe. I find this heartening, and yet somewhat bewildering too. Bewildering because who are these people in charge at these companies trying to get their message across to the general public? While yes, it is nice to sell some things during the Holiday Season, it is also nice to remember the Man we are celebrating. I have said this time and time again and I will say it here now once more. The British have something on us- at least in one aspect. While I wax poetic about the virtues of British Country Living versus our American version of the magazine here most every month, the December issue always gets to me. And it gets me in a good way. The editors in England have the guts to put Christ in Christmas in their December edition without fail- and in multiple features. They give the people of England, their Christian majority, what they most wish to see and learn about. This year was no exception, from the hand carved nativities of David Plagerson (Noahsarktoys.eu) to the illuminating nuns of Saint Cecilia's Abbey, to the blessing of pets at Saint Nicola's 13th century church. Our American version of this magazine leaves me sadly disappointed every December. I joke that if I had my last seven dollars and the choice was food or the issue of British Country Living, I'd probably starve to death. Something in that publication feeds my soul and there is some kind of kinship that I always find within its pages. The December issue just happens to feed my spiritual soul as well.

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mama bear said...

Beautifully said and oh, so true! The real crime is we let the media get away with it. I'll not subscribe, any longer, to Country Living, Country Home or any other publication that refuses to accept our Christian heritage.