Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Life

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My husband was walking the area where the Morels come up a few days ago and had entered
an area where one of our cats is buried beneath a small evergreen. The grass was tall again as we have been avoiding mowing in this area until we are sure we will not take out any last minute Morels. He has a size fourteen shoe so what could have happened would have been catastrophic. He was just about to place a step when he hesitated. A little bird had flown out of the grass and seemed injured. Instinct told him it was a cover. Sure enough, brand new little chicks had just come out of their shells. The photo here was taken today and is a bit blurry because I wanted to get in and out without disturbing the scene. Mama was nearby and once again displaying her "injury". These little babies are so sweet lying snuggled in their small nest just under the tree seedling. The tree has very prickly leaves and an animal would have to think twice before attempting to go in. These are good babies- they do not utter a sound even when you peek in. It takes some seconds to locate them even when you are looking right at their huge little eyes and tiny curved beaks. They know when to remain silent and this is a behavior I have never witnessed before. It will be fun to watch them fledge from the nest and learn to fly. I am happy that the storms we have had cannot blow them out of a nest. Stranded baby birds is not an uplifting situation and the dangers of ground nesting seem to be less than tree nesting, which is hard to believe. I will be posting more about our feathered friends here at Hawk's Run this week and the adventures we have had with them so far this Spring. Stay tuned...

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Jaime said...

Oh that is so exciting. I'll bet Wren is just in love.