Saturday, May 23, 2009

Peonies Act III


This plant bears the double fuchsia petals with the yellow centers.
These are identical to the single type with the exception of having about a hundred times more petals. Some flowers have so many petals that it is impossible to view their centers without prying them open. I imagine it is a brave insect indeed who blindly goes forth into these flowers. It must be like a maze of scented beauty trying to find the pollen.

Each time a new type of Peony opens I say to myself that this one is definitely my favorite. The next day and new blooms finds me saying the same thing all over again. I would not say I am fond of the color pink, however, the Peonies do pink amazingly. I read last evening where variegated colors in Tulips signifies a virus, and I wonder if the few specimens of variegated Peonies I have seen implies the same situation? Variegation in color appears to our naked eye as a marbleization of the true color, usually marbled with white or a very pale shade of the true type color. It is one situation where a virus feels welcome!

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