Saturday, May 9, 2009

Radish Repair

It was
and it
nap time.

This is never a good sign. It can only mean one thing. I will be cleaning up something- or repairing something. It usually means I left something out in the open that I shouldn't have. Yes, sure enough, I left out the play scissors. We had been cutting paper figures a few hours before and I must have left the scissors within reach. The casualties of the day were five play wood radishes, two crocheted play fruit shopping bags, a play wooden tea bag, a pair of doll undies, and a doll headband. The scissors must have been moving at lightning speed as I was making breakfast. I was a little upset until I realized Wren has been talking about haircuts. Thank goodness this hadn't crossed her mind during the destruction. The tea bag was set right with some more string- the second repair mind you. The undies and headband, along with the fruit bags, met a garbage can. I was upset about the crocheted bags more than anything- these I cannot fix. I wandered upstairs and pulled out my felt batch. It has been pulled out many times before for jobs such as this. I cut five new sets of leaves and put them in place. Coyly, Wren says to me. "See Mama, I like this green so much better. It's why I cut them off- so you could change them." Right, not likely. She was, simply, immersed in some kind of scissor mania- that is all.

Now, if only I could do something for these poor little radishes. These are our test French radishes for the garden this Spring. After tonight's full moon, they'll go straight into the garden. Maybe Mother Earth will work some magic on them.

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