Monday, May 25, 2009

Peonies Act IV

The last of the Peonies have come into bloom.
I am so grateful to the previous owners of this house that planted these wonderful bloomers years ago. They were planted in long rows along the front driveway barrier to the garage and along the long fence line of the dog run. A few were planted in here and there such as the one in the mound garden. The ones pictured are the doubles in solid light pink and plain white. Wren is taking an interest in how all the different plants smell and these did not disappoint. Peonies smell so powdery fresh- almost like the scent of a baby.
I couldn't resist bringing a few of the pink and white ones that first bloomed into the house this morning. It was a cool morning here after two days of pretty intense heat. It feels like rain today and as we approach noon it is still as cool as it was this morning. We spent some time in the herb garden watering, weeding, and just taking a general inventory of things. We lost a Bonariensis Verbena over the winter along with some of the Lemon Thyme. Of course, the Kentucky Mint gained an even stronger foothold and has to be tamed. The Yarrow is coming into flower and the English lavender is sporting a lot of new growth. If there is any spare time after working in the vegetable garden this week, it belongs to the herb garden. Hopefully that time will be forthcoming!

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